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Guild News Late Summer Edition

Hello and Welcome to the Late Summer Edition of our Guild News.

This month we will be catching you up on what is currently happening and what we are currently planning. We’ve been seeing a much larger slowdown between the current expansion and the next than we have seen in all the previous years between expansions. Some of our core members have been unusually busy this year with real life work projects and have not been able to make any time to game other than sporadically. With a couple of new MMO’s hitting the market earlier this year and with a lot more content coming into The Old Republic we have members spread out all over the place, although several of our members have already pre-purchased the next expansion and we expect more to do so before release. 

Remember Mumble is our guild’s VOIP client. Download the latest version from or SourceForge for the PC , the Mac and the iPhone. Be sure to use the Audio Wizard when setting it up for the first time and you’ll avoid all the hassles with troubleshooting.  Once you are in, select yourself and then click register so we can add you to the access control groups.

If you still need help, please ask Miroki in Guild Chat.

Special Recognition goes out our Guild Officers on Alterac Mountain who has been actively keeping our guild alive there and re-leveled back up to level 22. Only 3 to go!

Connected Realms Update

Yay! Alterac Mountain has finally been successfully connected to the Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, Forgotten Coast, and Warsong realms. This is just the first phase in getting the gang back together again. The Auction House is more robust with activity now but not back up to what it was when we first transferred here from Kel’Thuzad but at least demand for goods is going up so there is gold to be made. It is too early to tell yet how much an improvement there will be activity wise. Miroki and Interval have been leveling alts on Alterac Mountain in preparation for the next expansion.  It does not look very promising that All of Burial Detail will be brought back together as we had hoped prior to the release of the new expansion.  Our current hope is that all the new content will all be cross realm.  At this time it still does not appear that we will be reviving the Kel’Thuzad guild any time soon but we are considering doing some heavy recruiting for the Alterac Mountain guild once we firm up our real life schedules and have a more active presence.

Meanwhile we encourage All Returning Members on Kel’Thuzad and Alterac Mountain to get in contact with one of the officers if you are interested in cross realm grouping so we can help each other level up and gear up.  Contact Miroki or Sumiko in Mumble for more information.  If you have recently pre-purchased the new expansion and was thinking of using the free boost to 90 and you don’t currently have a toon on Mal’Ganis, you might want to consider boosting a new toon there.

Beta Time Beta Time Beta Time !!!!

Miroki and Sumiko have been invited to participate in the Warlords Beta.  This is a first for Burial Detail officers. If anyone else has a Beta invite, please let us know. This may help us get off to a good start when the Warlords expansion is released. Each month we will be providing our player review of the new expansion. We have not had a chance to check it out in-depth yet. When we first logged in we were disappointed with the character customization that was available. However, since then they have improved the characters somewhat so that my female orc shammy does not look like she is on permanent PMS all the time. Her facial features are looking a bit better but I still miss her sweet blue eyes so hopefully they have not finished tweaking the characters yet. One of the new features we noticed is a handy item sort and stack feature for your bags.  They also make use of a lot more mini-cut scenes than they have in the past which I personally like as it adds a bit more immersion to the game world. So far we have not explored more than the starting area and I don’t want to give away much of the story but it is pretty interesting so far. Things are still rough as there are missing elements like sound and some of the spells don’t work like expected. The biggest thing that blew my mind and sent me into some confusion is the new gear drops. The gear is no longer class specific. For example plate gear will have dps and healing attributes. It’s pretty strange. I don’t know how this will all work out yet. More next time.

Future Progression Plans

We have been in talks with our partner guilds and plan on having at least one joint team with Blood Diamond. No details yet other than that they would prefer Burial Detail to lead the raid group. In the meantime several of us have been taking the time to develop more of our characters that we may have more options for solid teams once we begin moving through the new WoD content.  If we have enough interested members online any evening we will form a group to do whatever is of greatest interest: SoO Flex, Norm, BGs, or Older content.

Several of us have started working on developing raid alts for both Alterac Mountain and Mal’Ganis to give us more flexibility when the new content hits.


Other Guild Gaming News

This game keeps getting Better and Better as more and more content and storyline keeps rolling out at a fast pace compared to other MMO’s. This game has greatly improved overall compared to what it was when it first launched with new updates, features, story arcs, etc.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the only MMO I truly miss playing. I miss my crew and I miss my characters and I miss the story that draws you in. The game is far more polished now with all the new content coming out every other month. The raids that Burial Detail was able to clear before Mists of Pandaria came out were challenging and a whole lot of fun. So were the in-game special events like the Rakghoul Plague that was spreading all over the place and had to be quarantined. If you were infected with the plague and you tried to leave quarantine, the troops would hunt and kill you. It was a blast. This game is one that needs to be savored for its story, lore and characters that you play and not just burned through. I had hoped that between WoW expansions we may as a guild return to The Bastion and get back into the stories of The Old Republic but many of us are finding we can barely spare the time for one MMO.

For those that have never played the game and are curious, the combat system is similar to WoW except that you can queue your abilities in a sequence and they will play out in that order and you can hide behind stuff to avoid getting hit. Unlike WoW you don’t get that “I Can’t Cast that Right Now” error if you hit a key too soon. Also the skill trees allow for fine tuning a character much like WoW used to be like. If you go solo, one of your crew members can accompany you and depending on their class can either tank, heal, or dps. Quite unlike the hunter pets in WoW, they are customizable through gear and they have a lot of various abilities which can be enabled or disabled allowing you to tailor their AI to the current situation.  They gather mats for you, craft for you, heal, dps, or tank for you plus have stories of their own.

Our current acting GM is Benmont also known as Corbantis, a long time original Burial Detail member from the Burning Crusade and former player of Star Wars Galaxies.

Our guild Burial Detail is located on The Bastion realm. If you were a part of Burial Detail when the game first launched and have not played since the Super Server update project, your characters are sitting in a temporary guild called The Lost Vulkars. You will need to contact Miroki or Benmont to re-join Burial Detail. 

If anyone from WoW is interested in checking this game out, please let Miroki know so he can get you hooked up with our Burial Detail Guild in The Old Republic.

Well that pretty much wraps it up for this edition of the guild news. We hope to have more for you next month.

And Remember






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