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re: Guild News Highmaul Holiday Edition


Guild News Highmaul Holiday Edition

 Hello and Welcome to this Edition of our Guild News Monthly.

We will catch you up on what is currently happening and what we are currently planning. The first raid of World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor is now live. Just for kicks we recently brought in a mixed guild group with mostly under geared healers and several low geared dps and downed the first boss. Yay!! Our Alterac Mountain guild has become highly active again and we already have nearly a dozen raid ready players to tackle the new raid content. We will be seeing some interesting changes in the makeup of our raid teams this year as compared to previous years. However, we still have a lot to do to get ready. Also we are expecting to see some of the old gang from Wrath and Cata come back to the game again.

Remember Mumble is our guild’s VOIP client. Download the latest version 1.2.8 from or SourceForge for the PC, the Mac and the iPhone. Be sure to use the Audio Wizard when setting it up for the first time and you’ll avoid all the hassles with troubleshooting.  Server and port addresses are located in the in-game Guild Info Tab.  Once you are in, select yourself and then click register so we can add you to the access control groups. Please use a name we would recognize.
If you still need help, please ask Miroki or Visna in Guild Chat.

Connected Realms Update

All of the new content including normal and heroic raids will be cross realm now. We are still investigating a cross realm guild chat options to tie our Mal’Ganis guild chat with our Alterac Mountain guild and may end up coding our own custom add-on. In the meantime we will mainly be relying on using Mumble between realms or Battle Net chat.

We encourage All Returning Members to jump into Mumble so you can find out what’s going on and where. Also pay attention to the Guild Message of the Day and the In-Game Guild Calendar.

Due to the server issues the first week the WoD expansion released, members of Mal’Ganis Burial Detail are farther behind Alterac Mountain. Some members including myself were pretty much forced into leveling their alts first on Alterac first. Also due to not being able to get onto Mal’Ganis in a timely fashion during the first week of the expansion has left the guild in a rather quiet state. Therefore we have no current plans on recruiting new members for the Mal’Ganis guild at this time and since Normal and Heroic raids are now cross realm, we plan on absorbing all of the Mal’Ganis raiders into the Alterac Mountain raid teams and schedules.

Those that are returning to World of Warcraft and are still on Kel’Thuzad may want to consider creating a new toon on Alterac Mountain or transfer.

Team Formation Schedules Progression and Notes of Interest !!!!

Teams and Team Formation - As we have done since Throne of the Crusader in Wrath of the Lich King, we plan on forming and maintaining at least two raid teams in an attempt to satisfy our members’ real life schedules and preferences. Two of the teams will be Team Bravo and Team Checkmate. We had a good number of those that plan on raiding commit to their chosen class spec and the nights they are willing to raid so we can start to build out the teams and finalize the weekly progression raiding schedules. If you have not listed your class and spec on the In-Game Calendar Raid Signup Template, please contact Visna or Miroki ASAP or you will not be counted when setting the schedule and planning the teams. We do not have plans for having any runs on Wednesday nights at this time. Our current possible raid nights therefore are Sun.Mon.Tue.Thu.Fri.Sat.

All raids are now scalable 10-25 man for both normal and heroic. Only mythic is a fixed 20 man and we will do those as well if there is enough interest in them.

Tentatively until we have enough geared healers and range dps we will start our progression four nights a week; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as a 10-25 man. After we have enough raid members ready we will split into two 10-25 man teams with Team Bravo running Friday and Saturdays and Team Checkmate running Tuesdays and Thursdays. Raid Group formation will occur weeknights at 7pm Pacific Time, 10pm Alterac Mountain Time, and 9pm Mal’Ganis Time. On Fridays and weekend nights Raid Group formation will occur at 6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Alterac Mountain Time, and 8pm Mal’Ganis Time. As always we will begin forming 15 minutes before start time.

Those of you who have raid ready alts may be a member of both teams as long as a vacancy exists. We will be actively recruiting to fill any open spots on all nights for both teams. As of now it appears we may be in need of some extra caster DPS classes and will be recruiting accordingly.

New team rosters, once formalized, will be posted and maintained under the Raid Operations tab > Lists tab > Roles link. We are also partnered with the guild "Blood Diamond" of Mal’Ganis formally known as Diamond of Alterac Mountain whom we have co-raided with since the beginning of Cataclysm when we were all still on the Kel'Thuzad realm. Many of you still remember their GM, Ravkahanna, who does the music selection for our Mumble server. Rav is also a member of Burial Detail and has been one of our regular core raiders. He may bring in some members if we need to fill some spots.

Content Notes - Recommended iLevel for the Highmaul normal is 630 and 625 the bare minimum. When it is time for the scheduled run and we have enough of a viable team to begin clearing trash we will start; as members show up we will continue to fill as needed up to 25.

Remember that the content we will be pushing through in this expansion is one of “Self Preservation”. Keep your own self alive. The healers will be practicing “Self Preservation” as well. They stripped away most of the healers’ instant casts so now they have to channel all the good heals which makes it quite difficult if they have to move mid cast. They will be busy keeping the tanks and each other alive because if the tanks die the healers will most likely be next on the aggro table. So be smart, stay out of harm’s way, don’t pull a mob off a tank unless you can tank it and survive. The healers are not your personal healer and you are last priority on their heal list no matter how bad ass your damage output is. Stay alive. Your DPS is only good to the team if you’re not dead. One person can make a big difference.

Required Add-Ons - ALL Raiders please make sure you have Mumble installed, DBM, VEM or equivalent, GTFO, and a threat meter. EPGP DKP Reloaded and EPGP Lootmaster is highly recommended as you will see below.

Sign-Ups - If you are interested in attending any raid events, please sign up on the In-Game Guild Calendar and keep watch for changes. If you sign up but are unable to make it, please either change your status to at least Tentative or let someone on the team know that you cannot make it so we can make that spot which is reserved for you available to someone else. Those that sign up please be gear ready (appropriately gemmed and enchanted) and on-time. We will try to hold sign-up spots for you but no later than 15 min past start time as long as you meet any minimum gear requirements and there is a class spot to fill. Raid spots vacancies will go by class need to those who sign up from earliest to latest and who are online and gear ready to go, then any vacancies will next go by class need and rank to those who did not sign up but are interested in attending and are gear ready to go. Anyone who comes on after the raid is filled can be placed on standby if they wish and be traded in according to class need as soon as a vacancy is available.  So remember, try to sign up early and show up by the time we begin forming.

Loot Distribution – A question was brought up recently by a member about the use of Personal Loot as a Loot Distribution method. Personal Loot was designed specifically for PUGs and the use of it in a progression raiding guild will actually hurt progression because of its internal distribution calculation mechanics. You will have an estimated 20-30% reduction in usable gear drops for the raid team overall and the likelihood of someone getting a drop that is useless for them and cannot be traded to someone in the raid group which could actually be an upgrade for. Nearly all raid progression minded guilds primarily use two forms of loot distribution: Loot Council and EPGP. The only time they consider using Personal Loot is for PUG runs or where they are carrying undergeared members to quickly gear them up. Therefore expect us as a guild to follow the same guidelines.

As we done in the past we will still be using EPGP for all Loot Distribution. You can download the EPGP add on from Curse or Curseforge; look for it listed as “EPGP DKP Reloaded”. If you want the complete interface (recommended) also install the EPGP Lootmaster also downloadable from Curse or Curseforge.
EPGP is shared across all your alts. So you can bring whatever toon you want or is needed for the raid and not worry about losing your priority for loot drops. Please make sure that Miroki or Visna is aware of all your alts so EPGP can be awarded appropriately. Be sure to check the Officer Notes for All your characters. Your Main will have a number which is your EPGP pool; your alts will have your Main’s name so that it points to the same EPGP pool. If you have a character outside of the guild, it can also earn EPGP by having its name added to your Main character’s notes. It will appear as ext:CharacterName.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with EPGP see my article here

DKP and Alternatives to Loot Distribution

If you do not have the EPGP add on, you will need to whisper your loot roll choice to the acting Loot Master. Please use the following syntax for your roll choice in a whisper to the Loot Master. Enter exactly as shown:
!epgp mainspec
!epgp offspec
!epgp greed

EPGP Effort Points or EP will be awarded as follows:
. 50 bonus EP awarded to everyone who signs up on the guild calendar and is online at least 5 minutes before the raid starts.
. 50 bonus EP awarded for everyone who is either grouped in raid or on standby at the time the raid starts.
. 50 EP awarded every 30 minutes of raid time to everyone in raid or on standby.
. 200 EP awarded for each boss kill to everyone in raid or on standby.
. 200 bonus EP awarded for every 5 wipes on a new boss try to everyone in raid or on standby with a 600 bonus EP per boss max cap.
. 300 bonus EP awarded for a perfect boss kill execution where no mistakes are made and no party fatalities to everyone in raid or on standby.
. 100 EP awarded at the end of a raid to everyone in raid or on standby.
. 300 bonus EP awarded for a full raid clear to everyone in raid or on standby.
. 100 Stand Down bonus EP awarded one time per raid to those who volunteer to go on standby so that someone from standby can swap in for a particular fight.
. 50 Trade Out bonus EP awarded one time per raid to those who volunteer to swap to a different class for a particular fight.

Gear Distribution and Gear Points or GP will be handled slightly different this expansion. For simplicity sake we will be removing the third roll option. Instead of the three options Mainspec, Offspec, and Greed it will now be Mainspec or Need and Offspec or Greed. Mainspec and Need will count GP at 100% while Offspec and Greed will distribute gear at a cost of 65% or a 35% discount.

EP and GP Decay Rate will be of 3% per raid or a maximum of 15% per week. This value reduces or decays the amount of effort you previously put into the raid and the value of the loot you previously received. This is so someone that raids every now and then can't just bank their EP and get priority over a dedicated raider and also so regular raiders are not penalized for lower tier gear or gear they received a month ago.

If on the very rare chance we have a tie for the roll, the members of the raid can act as loot council if they have the recommended EPGP Lootmaster installed because it gives them the option to compare the loot drop to the rollers' current gear and cast a vote for the raider having the most need. All of this is handled from within the add-on.

Remember with EPGP, attendance is your best friend even if you are on the waiting list you will still earn EPGP at the same rate as those in raid as long as you are available to swap in when you are needed.

Well that pretty much wraps it up for this edition of the guild news. See you all in game.

And Remember






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