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re: Guild News Monthly


Guild News April Edition

 Hello and Welcome to this Edition of our Guild News Monthly.

We will catch you up on what is currently happening and what we are currently planning. A lot of important changes this month and next month. Get Ready for it.

But First: Did anyone solve the Easter Trivia Guild Message of the Day last month?
For those that didn't see it, here it is again:
What Day was Jesus Crucified? Hints: Three Days of Jonah, Evening and Morning is One Day, Hebrew day begins at 6pm instead of 12 midnight. For those that guessed Friday, No although that's a traditional belief, do your math, it's the wrong day. Answer is at the end of this newsletter. Here is a bonus hint: there were 3 Sabbath days the same week, a very rare historical occurrence.

Remember Mumble is our guild’s VOIP client, and because of the complexity and raid awareness required in this expansion, is required to raid with us.  Download the latest version 1.2.8 from or SourceForge for the PC, the Mac and the iPhone. Be sure to use the Audio Wizard when setting it up for the first time and you’ll avoid all the hassles with troubleshooting.  Server and port addresses are located in the in-game Guild Info Tab.  Once you are in, select yourself and then click register so we can add you to the access control groups. Please use a name we would recognize.
If you still need help, please ask Miroki or Visna in Guild Chat.

Connected Realms Update

We have no current plans on recruiting new members for the Mal’Ganis realm guild in the foreseeable future. Some members including myself have transferred our mains and some of our alts back to Alterac Mountain so we can work more closely with the majority of our core raid group. I will still be replicating our raid calendar and message of the day to all Burial Detail realms as well as our guild partner on Mal'Ganis.

We would appreciate those who would like to raid or who plan on raiding with us who are not currently playing on one of these connected realms: Alterac Mountains, Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, The Forgotten Coast, or Warsong to consider transferring your main character back to Alterac Mountains.

Team Schedules, Progression, and Important Changes !!!!

Effective This Month: We are moving to a more Progressive Raid Format.

Is this going to change our guild? Not really. We are not going hard core or elitist. That's just not us. We still have real lives and don't need a second job that doesn't pay in real money. Although we have never been the top of the crop for raiding guilds, we have always been in the top 50 or higher when we focused. In fact we were ranked 18th on the realm when Throne of Thunder released just before the population dropped and we split part of the guild out to Mal'Ganis. As a guild raid team, many times we even invented our own ways of downing bosses which were different and easier for us from what others did. As our Guild Mission Statement says: we maintain an attitude that is always positive and creative, we set no limits on ourselves or others, and we believe there is always a way. Another thing that helps though is when you have players who love to play along with those who have the knack, skill, and patience to lead, which brings me to introducing our new raid leaders.

New Officers on Deck: We welcome Attg and Kruzmonk to our Officer Core. Attg is now the Official Raid Captain and Kruzmonk is his supporting officer and co-raid lead as well as the guild’s core main tank. Both have several years of experience leading progression raids.

Since we are still in the process of fleshing out the core raid team we want everyone who is interested in progression raiding to send Attg an email which includes the name of your main, your spec, your offspec and any alts and their specs you are willing to raid on. We ask that you do this as soon as possible. We are also asking any crafters to submit your crafting professions to Krumoney or what will be his and our main tank Krusmonk.

Guild Rank Changes: Guild ranks now identify core raid team members and raid team alternates. Elite Rangers are the core raid team members. Rangers are alternate core team members. Commando is now the highest non-core team rank. Most of the guild bank tabs have been reorganized to provide support for the raid teams. Elite Rangers are expected to make 75% of the scheduled runs otherwise they lose their Elite Ranger status.  Anyone who later becomes a casual raider will be dropped down to the Commando rank.

Raid Schedule Changes:

Progression Raid Nights: will now be held on Friday and Saturday. Because we will be progressing towards Mythic which currently requires all raid team members exist on the same connected realm and in the same guild, raid spots will be filled by those guild members first. We start forming at 9:45pm Eastern Time 6:45 Pacific. First Pull will be 9:55pm Eastern Time 6:55 Pacific. If you will be late or unable to attend, you need to let either: Attg, Krusmonk, Sumiko, or Miroki know. Make sure you come prepared. 

Open Raid Nights are raids that will be open to all Burial Detail members regardless of realm and any guild partner members. These may be farming runs or alternate progression runs depending on the raid team makeup. These raids will be held on Thursdays. We start forming at 9:45pm Eastern Time 6:45 Pacific. First Pull will be 9:55pm Eastern Time 6:55 Pacific.

Additional carry-over core progression or open runs (if any) will be held as usual on Sunday or Monday as per raid team consensus and availability. Additionally we may add Tuesday night if there is enough interest.

Required Add-Ons - ALL Raiders must have Mumble installed, DBM, VEM or equivalent. GTFO and a threat meter are recommended. If you have a tendency to tunnel, GTFO is a must have add-on. Unless you are a tank, healer, or team lead, you do not need to have a mic for Mumble.

Sign-Ups - If you are interested in attending any raid events, please sign up on the In-Game Guild Calendar and keep watch for changes. If you sign up but are unable to make it, please either change your status to at least Tentative or let someone on the team know that you cannot make it so we can make that raid spot available to someone else. Those that sign up please be gear ready (appropriately gemmed and enchanted) and on-time. Please note that the raid size will scale however we will need to maintain a healer / damage dealer ratio. We will bring in as many geared raiders as our healing team in the raid at the time can support. When we reach that cap, we will hold additional invites until we add an additional healer. On progression nights raid spots will go to Elite Rangers first then Rangers then anyone of a lower rank who is geared and raid ready. We may carry one or two players on bosses we already have on farm. However it’s not likely we will do that on any kind of regular basis and the carries will need to be dropped once we get to the area we are progressing on. On non-progression nights we may be more flexible to try to bring in as many members interesting in raiding as possible in order to level up those who are genuinely interested in raiding so we can continue to build our core team from current guild membership rather than recruiting. So remember, try to sign up early and show up by the time we begin forming. Minimum requirements to participate in a full run are posted on the Raid Schedules in the In-Game Guild Calendar.

RGBs and Pre-Mades – We have a good number of guild members that are interested in getting a guild RGB team going. The major hold up we are having is getting everyone that is interested together on the same evening. Possible times we are looking into are Sunday afternoon or evening, Saturday afternoon, Monday evening or Tuesday evening. Duck is pretty much available every evening and is willing to get people organized and geared. Interval and Heretic’s availability varies from week to week but are also committed to helping get the RGB team going. Everyone that is interested contact Sumiko, Miroki, Duckinfruid, Interval, or Heretic. Please let us know what times work out for you so we can get a schedule going.

Loot Distribution – EPGP will be phased out at the end of this month. Everybody please use up your PR before the 30th of the month.
We will be moving to a Loot Council distribution system on the 1st raid of May which is another common form of loot distribution system that raiding guilds use. During the first couple of weeks we will be testing out different methods of facilitating the loot distribution. During this time distribution may be slower than EPGP however we hope that once we get the kinks out to have the distribution go by quicker than EPGP with the goal being to gear up the entire team evenly so we can progress farther faster. Three people will be assigned to participate in the council plus we will need one or two backups to fill in during absences. I am currently investigating three different methods of automating the process similar to EPGP which inspects your gear to rank a potential upgrade.

Advantages and disadvantages of changing the loot distribution system - EPGP works well where you have a mixed consistent core raid group with a flex group of more casual raiders. The more consistent core build up enough points due to the amount of time they spend in raiding to stay on top of the more valuable upgrades. The downside is that new core raiders will level their gear at a slower pace until they catch up in their unused raid points and as progression moves into content farming there will be times when potential gear upgrades even though minor get wasted.

Loot Council works best when you a have more solid core raid team that you want to gear evenly overall as fast as possible in order to more quickly progress through raid content. Here the priority for upgrades goes to Tanks and Healers first because they are the two most critical members of the team. Next the upgrades go to the member for whom it will benefit the most. The downside is that in some cases one player will end up with several upgrades but others will not get an upgrade in one or more consecutive runs even though it might be a best in slot because someone else might be farther behind gearwise. Also for the same reason a special drop may go to a new raider rather than one who has been a long time core member.

Well that pretty much wraps it up for this edition of the guild news.  But before you go, here is the answer to the Easter Trivia Question.

Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday morning. Historians can actually pinpoint the year because of the unusual occurrence of three Sabbath days in the same week mentioned in scripture. Interesting. 

Anyways until next time. See you all in game.

And Remember






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