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Guild News Late Summer Edition

 Hello and Welcome to the Late Summer Edition of our Guild News.
We will catch you up on what is currently happening and what we are currently planning.

Mumble is our guild’s VOIP client.  Download the latest version 1.2.10 from or SourceForge for the PC and the Mac. Be sure to use the Audio Wizard when setting it up for the first time and you’ll avoid all the hassles with troubleshooting.  Mumble and a good alternative called Plumble are also available for the iPhone and Android OS. Server and port addresses are located in the in-game Guild Info Tab.  Please use a name we would recognize.
If you still need help, please ask Miroki or Visna in Guild Chat.

New Expansion Announced

A surprise announcement of the next World of Warcraft Expansion came, some say, just after data was released showing a decline in subscribers. Typically Warcraft populations tend to drop off after the more hard core raiding guilds have most of the content on farm and there is no longer a great interest among them in raiding the same content over again. What was unexpected was subscriptions had surged back up over 10 million during the holidays of 2014 leading many to believe that Blizzard’s dominance in the market was a certainty then within six months the player base dropped significantly back down to pre-Burning Crusade levels. Many attribute this to the lack of content and overall game value compared to other expansions, cutting both expected features and content after launch, borrowing concepts from other expansions and making them a main part of the current expansion, borrowing ideas from other games such as Wildstar and Star Wars the Old Republic, and creating a new player base who could easily get level capped and get gear but would not have the skills necessary to actually perform at a level necessary to progress through content leaving many new players to WoW all dressed up, frustrated, and nowhere to go.

It looks like we’ll have to wait and see how the new expansion turns out. Some are already calling it Burning Crusade 2 but so far it looks like another rather small expansion. I hope they do not plan on charging as much as they have been for expansions otherwise they may not see much of a return in subscribers next time around. Electronic Arts has been releasing their expansions for free to subscribers or for under $20 for their Star Wars the Old Republic. They are currently on their 3rd expansion and have a new expansion coming this October.

The new Warcraft Legions expansion opens to beta testing before the end of this year with an expected release perhaps as early as next spring around the same time of the release of the Warcraft Movie.

Guild Realms Update

Realm activity has begun to slow again. Recent news reports show that WoW subscriptions have dropped to their 2005 post Vanilla release levels which are the lowest they have been since the game released and settled into growing its player base. This is showing up in the significant drop of trade chatter recently. Any of you who are still interested in the raid content should get yourself involved quickly. If you need help gearing up to Hellfire entry level, there are many of us working on alts who will be willing to group up and help. Until we are closer the release of the next expansion, we have no plans on recruiting new members for the Mal’Ganis realm guild although we will continue to recruit additional raiders for the Alterac Mountain connected realms. In light of the staggering drop in players it appears that Blizzard will need to restart the connected realms project and very soon or loose additional subscribers.

Team Progression and Schedules !!!!

We are currently 11 out of 13 in Hellfire normal mode and a little behind where we would like to be at this time. Although we have 39 geared players, due to the consistency of when raiders are able to show up, we typically still have plenty of free raid spots on just about any raid night to take a few more with us. As mentioned above, we are starting to see a slowdown in interest. Several other guilds I have talked with lately have already ceased raiding for the remainder of this expansion. Some of them have never stepped foot into Hellfire and quit raiding before they finished Blackrock. We are continuing to recruit additional members to fill up as many raid spots as possible as we move forward into the Hellfire content. If you are a new raider or still gearing up and want to raid, let us know so we can help get you in our raids.

Raid Schedules:

Raid Nights: are Thursday for farmed content and then Friday and Saturday for raid progression. We start forming at 9:45pm Eastern Time 6:45 Pacific. First Pull will be 9:55pm Eastern Time 6:55 Pacific. If you will be late or unable to attend, please message: Winterskye or Miroki. Make sure you come prepared. Guild Bank repairs are provided for all attendees. Flasks potions and food buffs provided when available. Current farmed content is up to Gorefiend which is a DPS check point. We can take and train new raiders up to that point.

Required Add-Ons - ALL Raiders must have Mumble installed, DBM, VEM or equivalent. GTFO and a threat meter are recommended. If you have a tendency to tunnel, GTFO is a must have add-on. Unless you are a tank, healer, or team lead, you do not need to have a mic for Mumble.

Sign-Ups - If you are interested in attending any raid events, please sign up on the In-Game Guild Calendar and keep watch for changes. If you sign up but are unable to make it, please either change your status to at least Tentative or let someone on the team know that you cannot make it so we can make that raid spot available to someone else. Those that sign up please be gear ready (appropriately gemmed and enchanted) and on-time. Please note that the raid size will scale however we will need to maintain a healer / damage dealer ratio. We will bring in as many geared raiders as our healing team in the raid at the time can support. When we reach that cap, we will hold additional invites until we add an additional healer. On progression nights raid spots will go to Elite Rangers first then Rangers then anyone of a lower rank who is geared and raid ready. On non-progression nights we will be more flexible and try to bring in as many members interesting in raiding as possible in order to level up those who are genuinely interested in raiding so we can continue to build our core team from within current guild membership rather than recruiting. So remember, try to sign up early and show up by the time we begin forming.

Loot Distribution – is handled by Loot Council. You do not need to have an add on. Loot priority will go to Tanks and Healers then 2 piece tier and 4 piece tier and to those who have not won an item in a while or to the one with the lowest item level being replaced.

RGBs and Pre-Mades – if you are interested in getting a guild RGB team going, contact Duckinfruid, Interval, or Heretic. The only issue we are having is getting everyone that is interested together on the same evening. Possible times we are looking into are Sunday afternoon or evening, Saturday afternoon, Monday evening or Tuesday evening. Duck is pretty much available every evening and is willing to get people organized and geared. Interval and Heretic’s availability varies from week to week but are also committed to helping get the RGB team going.

Other Guild Gaming News


Important Announcement !!!

Those of you who have characters in Star Wars the Old Republic or are considering trying the game out, contact Miroki , Zabreena, or Hanzoneraz ASAP

We are in the process of planning the reactivation of our Burial Detail guild as an alternate game to play other than World of Warcraft between the Hellfire raid content and the Warcraft Legions expansion to be released sometime next year.

At this time they are offering greatly discounted character transfers of only 90 cartel coins per character. We are therefore seriously considering moving Burial Detail to the Harbinger which is the West Coast’s highest populated server.

With Star Wars new expansion coming out and current bonus to leveling and returning players perks, we hope to have a fun time together and get into some raid content in between our WoW Hellfire raids and the next Warcraft Legions expansion.

New Expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire Coming this October

Sixteen new chapters of the ongoing Star Wars Saga LAUNCHES OCTOBER 27TH!

Step into an epic story-driven adventure as your character becomes The Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War. A third faction threatens the galaxy as we know it, and your choices will determine the fate of both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. Knights of the Fallen Empire starting with the first nine of sixteen chapters, fueled by BioWare-style cinematic storytelling, that kicks off a new player-driven story arc that puts you at the center of a conflict where your choices have impact on outcomes including unexpected twists and betrayals. Choose your path…join or betray companions, old and new…and shape the future of the entire galaxy as well as your own. Best of all, this is only the beginning…

Build a team of hand-picked allies to join your alliance; meet new companions and reunite with existing companions ready to offer you their loyalty.

I already re-subbed so I can get the new expansion for free. Those that sub early get special perks. I signed for the early release so I could get the companion from the original cinematic, Nico Okarr plus special gear and a swoop bike mount.

If you were a part of Burial Detail when the game first launched and have not played since the Super Server update project, your characters are sitting in a temporary guild called The Lost Vulkars. You will need to contact Miroki or Benmont to re-join Burial Detail.
If anyone from WoW is interested in checking this game out, please let Miroki know so he can get you hooked up with our Burial Detail Guild in The Old Republic.

Also be sure to get Avo to invite you to his Stronghold and check it out. We are interested in getting feedback from our guild members as to which planet we should build our Guild Head Quarters on.


Wildstar Goes Free to Play !!!

Wildstar’s long awaited Free to Play closed beta is now live. There are new instances including a low level single player dungeon, totally revamped low level content and introduction for new players. They added a multitude of quality of life improvements including a revamped character creation system, changes to the stats, and UI improvements, game optimization, rebalancing mobs and spawn rates, new icons for interactive objects in the world, a new player created nav point system, and a rapid transport system. They removed the hardcore attunement to raid content, which some felt was more intense than the days of WoW Burning Crusade and streamlined it to a more acceptable level. They did a major change to how world bosses are encountered allowing you the ability to summon a world boss that is off respawn cooldown by looking for lesser world bosses that can be taken with a small group and collecting an item used to summon the larger world bosses with high level gear items.

I had previously held off investigating this game after hearing feedback from friends and family who only played for a couple of months than quit and after being disappointed in Guild Wars 2 and Tera’s lack of end game content. Now that Wildstar is going to a free to play model with a loyalty rewards system, I may be interested in taking a look at this game. Some of our WoW members really liked some of the content and are considering a return in between WoW expansions. Could this be a game option for Burial Detail members?

Well that pretty much wraps it up for this edition of the guild news.

And Remember






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