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re: Legion Special Edition


Guild News Legion Special Edition

 Hello and Welcome to this Special Edition of our Guild News.

We will catch you up on what is currently happening and what we are currently planning. The next expansion Legion of World of Warcraft goes live this month. We are seeing members return whom we have not seen in a long while along with a lot of new members eager to get themselves ready for the next expansion and into the raid team. We expect a lot of new faces taking up core raiding positions and many current core raid team members taking on totally different roles this expansion. Several of us have been leveling and gearing alts like crazy folk because the class changes have been fairly substantial and some are finding different classes that they would normally not play to be a lot more fun now. This has made it more difficult for members to make a choice to commit to a particular role on the raid team. We are planning on scheduling several raids between the Demon Hunter release and the release of Legion to allow guild members to try out various classes and roles to help them make some decisions.

Mumble is our guild’s current VOIP client with version 1.2.16 being the latest release and can be downloaded from or Wiki.mumble,info for the PC, the Mac, Linux, and the iPhone. Plumble is the client for Androids. However since we renew our VOIP server contract yearly, we are open to considering other alternatives that would be very low latency, have features like, linking channels, streaming music from more than one channel, and support at least 35 members per channel. Hephesto has offered their Discord server for use and we also have a GameVox server as an alternate. We'll always be keeping our eyes open for viable alternatives. I still have not seen any performance comparisons with Mumble which leaves a big question mark in my mind. They only compare features not performance and some of those features are already in Mumble 1.3 alpha. We'll probably post more info on Discord with permission so perhaps we can at least try it out.  In the meantime, however, when setting up Mumble for the fist time, be sure to use the Audio Wizard and you’ll avoid all the hassles with troubleshooting.  Server and port addresses are located in the in-game Guild Info Tab.  Once you are in, select yourself and then click register so we can add you to the access control groups. Please use a name we would recognize. Export and save your security key in case you have to re-install or install on another computer or phone. If you loose your security key or want to change your display name, we can reset that from the server console.
If you still need help, please ask Miroki or Visna in Guild Chat.

Welcome to Our Gang !!

We want to welcome every one from the social guild Crits and Giggles of Alterac Mountains who are a group of long time raiders looking for a more relaxed guild like ours to raid with. Most if not all of them will be joining our core team and can make most of our raid schedules bringing a lot of experience and skills to the table. From what I have heard, several of them are or have been SWTOR players as well which will make Avo and Benmont very happy as they sometimes get lonely out there on the Harbinger realm. They also like to PvP which will put a smile on Duckinfruid, Heretic, and Interval's faces. We want to also welcome all of the new players who recently joined us this past month and welcome back all the returning players.

To all returning guild members on Kel'Thuzad and Mal'Ganis since we have had a fairly successful run for us during Warlords with some of our core going as far as 5 out of 13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel, we plan on consolidating our forces here on Alterac Mountain and its connected realms and we encourage All Returning Members that if you have not yet used your free boost to 100 and you don’t currently have a toon on Alterac Mountain, you might want to consider boosting a new toon there or on one of the connected realms Balnazzar, Forgotten Coast, Gorgonnash, or Warsong. Also leveling is fast these days if you don't have a free boost available and roll a brand new toon here. If you decide to stay put though, we can still cross realm raid all content now including mythic. Howerver only the guild members on the connected realms would get the guild achievements.


Related image result

Prepare Yourself for the Legion Invasion !!!!


Legion events begin on the 16th of this month. The new Demon Hunter class is available on the 9th of this month for those that pre-purchased the game. We plan on resuming raid grouping either the week that the Demon Hunter class goes live or the week after so that everyone can try out their current classes or various alternate classed to see which one they would like to main in this coming expansion. On the expansion release date, we will begin group leveling parties. Grouping will begin around 7pm Pacific Time, 10pm Alterac Mountain Time, and 9pm Mal’Ganis Time. As in the previous expansions we plan on continuing these leveling parties up until the time we begin our first raid attempt.  We will have at least one tank and one healer available for 3 to 4 hours a night most of the week. Check the In-Game Calendar and or contact Miroki or Sumiko in Mumble.

If you have not had the time to check your characters out since the Legion 7.0 pre-patch, you are most likely in for a big shock. Your favorite equipped weapons might be gone, most glyphs are garbage, most of the talents and play styles have changed. In most cases you will have to relearn to play your character as if you've never played it before. There may be some classes and specs that you really liked before that you no longer like and some that you never considered playing before that you really like now. All specs are now available to all classes without the cost of re-specialization. All talents can be changed out of combat and so far without cost. Stat priorities have changed and you will need to re-evaluate all your gear and seriously consider which item is now better for which spec.

If you have any new level 100s, the ring quest is no longer available but if you have already started the ring quest I think you can still complete it.

There are no more Treasure Hunters in your Garrison and your Salvage Yard crates no longer award wearable gear. You easily cap your Garrison resources now. Once your followers are leveled the Lumber Mill and Salvage Yard are mostly useless.

The new Transmog system is pretty slick. It is now part of your "Collections" interface. All of your items in void storage are now a Transmog option in your Collections as well as any Soulbound item in you personal bank or equipped bags. There are several Add-Ons that you might find useful for managing your gear collection. ApperanceTooltip gives you a close up look at what an item looks like when you hover over it. CaerdonWardrobe allows you to see at a glance gear in your bags that are BoEs which you may have not learned the Transmog look for. It also shows on hover over what you have and have not learned and if another class can learn it or if you learned the look from a different item. Since Transmog collections may be a big money maker for a while, (I'm already seeing stuff that I couldn't get rid off last month sell for as much as 20 times their original price) it makes it easier to decide if you want to place the item on the auction house instead of vendor it. LegionWardrobe shows where a particular Transmog look drops. And TransmogCleanup which helps you quickly filter and sell no longer needed gear items from your equipped bags. You can set the upper Item Level limit and select specific items you want the add on to ignore and its then one button sell all. 

Since a handful of guild members got some time in Legion Beta we do know that your Hellfire Heroic gear will last you possibly halfway while leveling. Your first version of your Legendary Weapon will most likely be a 735 iLevel. I don't have enough information to provide any pre-Legion gearing advice. Personally for my new 90s, I plan on farming as much Baleful 695 gear as I can from Tanaan Jungle if I have the time before I start leveling them in the new expansion to make the transition a bit smoother. Hopefully we'll either get into some raid farming for those that need it or perhaps just like at the beginning of Warlords there will be pre-Legion events that will drop some high item level gear.

Other Things you Need to Know and be Prepared For


We will be returning to the use of EPGP for loot distribution beginning with the new Legion raids. We tried a Loot Council system for about half of the Warlords expansion. However, since guilds are more dynamic these days as far as raid makeup and attendance, it hurt us more in the long run that it helped. Therefore please make sure All of Your Alts in the guild are linked to your EPGP point pool by letting Moroki or Visna know who all your characters are. EPGP will be re-initialized on the 14th of this month. EPGP uses both the Guild Officer Note field as well as the Personal Note field so we have to be careful what goes in each field so that when EPGP parses the raid attendees it doesn't break at some point and not include all of the raid attendees. The reason why we need to have all your alts identified is that EPGP will create a separate point pool of Raid Effort points and Gear Award points for every character that is not specifically identified as an alt. To make sure you maximize your loot drop chances, you want to make sure that if you play more than one character in raid that you use the same EPGP pool because one pool has a better chance of earning more Effort Points that can be spent towards gear drops than several separate pools. For more information see this link

When EPGP is re-initialized on the 14th of this month, All guild characters not already listed as Alts will have a 0.0 in their Guild Officer Note tab. And by the way, all Guild Officer Player notes are visible to the entire guild roster. So if you want to know if someone is an alt it will have the name of their main in Guild Officer Player note field otherwise it will have either a 0.0 or some other number string once we begin raiding. This is why we locked the Personal note field because this field is used by EPGP for external guild member alts. If you want something in that field, please ask Miroki or Winterskye to edit it for you. It is also advisable that once you set a character as your main, you do not change it until next expansion or at least until the end of the first raid content and the next. It doesn't matter what character you raid on though as long as you can fulfill the role you originally selected or can take a role that is available. Also with EPGP as long as you are online and ready to raid, even if the raid is currently full, you still earn Raid Effort points for attendance and boss kills even if you are leveling an alt as long as that alt is linked to your main. More about awards and recommended Add-Ons will be in our next issue of Guild News. For Now EPGP (DKP Reloaded) is up to date and available for download. If you see more than one of your characters listed in it after the 14th of this month, contact Miroki immediately. It means that there may be an error in the database somewhere or that your characters are not linked properly.

Important!!! All current Core Team Members Rangers and Elite Rangers you have first dibs on raid spots and roles. Please let Miroki or Visa know ASAP. You have until the 28th of August then raid spots open up to Commandos until the 4th of September then everyone else on first come first serve. All non-Rangers that fill raid spots will be promoted to Ranger or Elite Ranger based on participation according to the Guild Charter 30 days after they join the Core Team.

All Rangers and Elite Rangers whom we have not heard from by the 28th of August will be reduced in rank from Core Team to Commando until such time they become part of the Core Team again.  

Upcoming Possible Changes in Rank:

For those of you selecting a different character to main this expansion, we allow you a one-time change during an expansion to identify that character as your highest ranking character. Alts do not share ranks so you would essentially be swapping the rank of one character for another. For those on the Core Team, ranks are based by percent participation. Elite Rangers need to maintain at least 75% attendance in the current content to retain their rank and Rangers need to maintain at least 50% attendance to retain their rank. Once we have enough gear ready players to begin raiding, all non-ready Rangers and Elite Rangers will have a 3 week and 2 week grace period respectfully to be ready or have their rank temporarily reduced Commando if they are at level cap or Grave Digger if not. All Commandos will have a 4 week grace period to meet level cap or have their rank reduced to Grave Digger.

Guild Purge:

Beginning October 4th we will begin purging from our roster all characters below level 21 that have not logged in for 6 months or longer that are not listed as an alt or external place holder for an Alt raider. All former guild players who have moved on to other guilds and who no longer participate with us in guild events but still have alts in our guild will be removed from our roster unless they contact Miroki or Winterskye before October 4th to request that their character be kept on the roster. Beginning October 18th all Toe Taggers that are not alts or have no associated external and have not been active for 12 months will be removed from the roster.

Missing in Action

We miss our guildmates and hope for their return. Dark Doctor, Rayland, Diva, Semp, Plaguekiss, Dzu, Woozie. It's been a while. We miss you guys, we had fun, hope you guys can make it back.

Well that pretty much wraps it up for this edition of the guild news. See you all in game.

And Remember







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