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Guild News Monthly Edition

 Hello and Welcome to the October Edition of our Guild News.

We will catch you up on what is currently happening and what we are currently planning. The next expansion Legion of World of Warcraft is live. We are seeing many members return whom we have not seen in a quite a long while. Many of us who have already leveled and geared for raid have begun leveling alts and our crafting skills.

Mumble is our guild’s current VOIP client with version 1.2.17 being the latest release and can be downloaded from or Wiki.mumble,info for the PC, the Mac, Linux, and the iPhone. Plumble is the client for Androids. When setting up Mumble for the fist time, be sure to use the Audio Wizard and you’ll avoid all the hassles with troubleshooting.  Server and port addresses are located in the in-game Guild Info Tab.  Once you are in, select yourself and then click register so we can add you to the access control groups. Please use a name we would recognize. Export and save your security key in case you have to re-install or install on another computer or phone. If you loose your security key or want to change your display name, we can reset that from the server console.
If you still need help, please ask Miroki or Visna in Guild Chat.

Welcome Back to the Gang!!

We want to welcome Atg who has returned from a major construction project in Canada. He has taken up his Raid Captain's position again. He is a really good raid lead, has a lot of good tips for every class. So he's well worth listening to. It is also really good to see the return of The Dark Doctor aka Darkdr or Dark, one of our long time Co-GMs and our former top kitty raid druid who we hope to see in raids again. Valuka aka Shammus is also back with us again who transferred back over from Mal'Ganis to be with us. He is one of our original members from our time on Kel'Thuzad when we were still leveling in Outlands, he has been a long time second string lead tank and main core off tank starting back from our Bastion of Twilight days in the Cata expansion up to Siege of Orgrimmar. Also returning is Corbantis, one of our original members from Kel'Thuzad back from the time we were still working on attunement for the Karazan raid in Burning Crusade. He had been the acting GM of our SWTOR guild on The Bastion Realm. Also back with us another long time member from our time on Kel'ThuzadCassembeli or Cass aka Sweetea who gets to take his board exams for Dentistry this year. Not sure where he plans on setting up his practice but he said he'll give us a guild member discount if we become one of his patients. Plus another long time member from our time on Kel'ThuzadBeauvine aka Missamarika who has been with us since at least the Wrath expansion. I think I saw Bonng log in on his hunter recently but I'm not certain yet. If so that means one of our top PvP officers is back. Dymphnaa has transferred over from our Mal'Ganis guild to be with us too. Now if we can just talk Sangapee and Zangean into coming back over plus talk Rayland, Diva, Dzu, and Woozie into playing with us again that would be awesome. We are still missing long time members Interval and Heretic. No word from them yet. I did see Hattoo pop on but since he lives in Nova Scotia, his current schedule may not allow him to group with us this year.

To all returning guild members on Kel'Thuzad and Mal'Ganis since we have had a fairly successful run for us during Warlords with some of our core going as far as 5 out of 13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel, we have consolidated our forces here on Alterac Mountain and its connected realms and we encourage All Returning Members that if you have not yet used your free boost to 100 and you don’t currently have a toon on Alterac Mountain, you might want to consider boosting a new toon there or on one of the connected realms Balnazzar, Forgotten Coast, Gorgonnash, or Warsong. Also leveling is fast these days if you don't have a free boost available and roll a brand new toon here. If you decide to stay put though, we can still cross realm raid all content now including mythic. Howerver only the guild members on the connected realms would get the guild achievements.


Related image result

Are You Preparing for the Legion !?!?

 Our Legion Raid events began on the 23rd of last month, where were you? We are trying to be patient in waiting for the rest of the guild members to catch up so we can fill our raid team. Some leveled and geared quickly, some are still working on it. Our Raid Nights are Friday, Saturday, and eventually Sunday once we have enough consistent players and are in steady progression. For those that said they wanted to raid and had a raid spot reserved for them but have not really committed to leveling and gearing themselves yet, you better start moving on it or I will have to recruit to fill that spot that you were supposed to fill.  

Help a Brother or Sister Out: We encourage everyone to guild group with anyone who's in need to level and gear them up. Everyone else that are raid ready need to keep doing guild runs for mythics for that potential extra upgrade. Many of us raiders are committed to helping anyone out we can if needed. Atg is leading this effort and is keeping an eye on the guild to see who is doing what with whom. Make sure you group with a guildie first. Personally, if I'm not already doing something else in a guild group, I'll group and do normals, heroics, mythics, or world quests with those that need, even if I've already done them. Remember help a brother or sister guildie out. It is to your benefit if you want to progress in the raid content farther and faster. Team is an ancient word for Family.

Other Things That May Help: If you are still leveling, an add-on that Sumi and I have been using since Cata and highly recommend is WoW-Pro and Tom-Tom. In Legion it helped us get to level cap and friendly with all the factions in less than a week with only doing a couple of hours a night. If you set it to Rank 1, it will just do enough of the storyline to finish the achievement for that zone and get you to friendly for that zone's faction. If you set it to Rank 3 it will do all of the extra bonus XP quest zones, all the Rares, and all of the Treasure chests which will bring you to level cap faster and speed up the leveling of your weapon. You will, however, level up faster than you can become friendly with all the factions necessary to unlock the World Quests. For us, we were at level cap before we got one third of the way into our third zone. In this expansion the World Quests are very important to unlock as soon as possible. The gear they drop typically scales above your current ilevel up to 835. Afterwards there is a chance of a 840, 845, or 850 drop from the same quest. Another add-on recommendation is ArtifactPathFinder which shows you the recommended place to add artifact power to level up your weapon. Also if you have never used it, I recommend Ask Mr Robot. For a mere buck a month by using its in game add-on it will search through all the contents of you bank and equipped bags and compare it to the gear you are wearing to see if there are any upgrades you've overlooked and shows you where you should be looking for upgrades. It uses a highly complex algorithm to weight out all the different pieces of gear and their variants in the game and to get the most out of your stat priority as possible. A lot of times if you are just looking at stat priority or ilevel you will overlook a potential upgrade. If a buck a month is too much, you can still manually try on each piece of gear and compare it with its gear ranking system. Make sure you set the filters to use what you currently can afford or craft for gems and enchants and what level of Class Hall gear, PVP gear, or World Quest Gear you want it to take into account. Flasks and Food are available from the Guild Bank. Take only what you can use. 

Core Team


We are using Loot Council for loot distribution. Make sure you download the latest version of RCLootCouncil. If a loot drop happens to be best in slot for that tier, add that to the Note icon before you cast your choice. Mumble is required for all raids. You do not need a microphone unless you are a tank. Make sure you backup your security key. If you have trouble staying out of stuff, make sure you have the latest version of GTFO. Make sure you have the latest version of DBM or equivalent. As we progress further we will be also using ExRT. Make every effort to be fully gemmed and enchanted. Since it is still early in the expansion, we don't expect you to have the latest and greatest gems and enchants because we'll be replacing a lot of our gear. Many of us are still leveling up our crafting alts so we don't have any of the good stuff yet to share with the guild.  


We begin forming at 9:30pm eastern time or server time. First pull is at 9:45pm. Be sure to sign up on the In-Game Calendar as it makes it easier for us to invite and get the raid organized quickly. If you are not sure you can attend, sign up as Tentative. If you think you may be late, please mail Atg and Miroki. Guild Repairs are On for the duration of the raid for those in the Raid Group. Potions, Flasks, and Food are in the Guild Bank. Please Take what you can use before raid starts if you don't have something better. Please make sure All of Your Alts in the guild are linked to your Main in the Guild Notes by letting Moroki or Visna know who all your characters are so we don't overlook you when we begin raid invites.

Rank Changes coming:

For those on the Core Team, ranks are based by percent participation. Elite Rangers need to maintain at least 75% attendance in the current content to retain their rank and Rangers need to maintain at least 50% attendance to retain their rank. All non-raid-ready Rangers and Elite Rangers and all non-level-capped Commandos who are not currently leveling will have their rank temporarily reduced to Grave Digger until they meet current level cap or gear requirements as per Guild Charter.

Guild Purge has begun:

We have begun purging from our roster all characters below level 21 that have not logged in for 6 months or longer who are not listed as an alt or external place holder for an active Burial Detail Alt raider. All former guild players who have moved on to other guilds and who no longer participate with us in guild events but still have alts in our guild will be removed from our roster unless they contact Miroki or Winterskye immediately to request that their character be kept on the roster. Beginning October 18th all Toe Taggers that are not alts or have no associated external and have not been active for 12 months will be removed from the roster.

Missing in Action

We miss our guildmates and hope for their return. Rayland, Diva, Hattoo, Semp, Plaguekiss, Dzu, Woozie. It's been a while. We miss you guys, we had fun, hope you guys can make it back.

Annual Guild LAN Party

Our Annual Guild LAN party is still in its planning stages. I will be held the week of Thanksgiving as usual. Hosted most likely by Tilly and SunnyBunny and some of the old WoW players. Days and Times still to be determined. It will be bring your own rig. Food, Drinks, and some occasional live music. Miroki will be providing the LAN server. Woozie will be setting up the network. So far we have Enemy Territory, SVEN, and Team Fortress 2 as some of the planned offerings. Woozie and Laoshun have been testing some other offerings. Everything is free to play and media will be provided. You will most likely need a Steam account though. More information when available.

Feature Article

Before there was

Part I - Reflections

Several weeks ago I was talking with an old friend and former college house mate formally known as Barefoot Bob while digging though some boxes in the garage looking for potential game resources for our upcoming annual LAN party. I came across a couple of boxes, one which had media and licenses for 5 copies of a 3D engine and development test platform and the other box had printouts of all kinds of code, test scripts, and details on a game project several of us were involved which we halted shortly after World of Warcraft came out. Bob who did some of the very early alpha interface, sound, and testing on the project asked why we halted the project. I had to honestly say with retrospect, we completely misread the market and where it was heading. We had realistically about five more years left before we could release it when WoW came out, but what we had then, no one to this day has offered. We may not have been as big a success as Blizzard and World of Warcraft but after playing through several MMOs, what we had been working on could have had a strong enough following to be a successful long term venture. At the time since we were all unknowns with other careers working on this project part time. The obstacles we had were primarily funding and it didn't occur to us to develop this as an MMO instead of a standalone although the scalability that was already part of the development lend itself perfectly as an MMO. Our market target was all wrong for the times. We totally overlooked the idea of hosting persistent worlds ourselves rather than selling the server side to a hosting provider and selling the client separately.

I can not share a whole lot of the details of this game because it may some day get revived in heavily rewritten form or since I am the intellectual property owner and developer, I have enough content to write a series of novels. So when I do talk about this game project, I'll be rather generic. Over the last couple of years, especially after playing through the content in several MMOs, I've often asked why didn't they have this or that like we had planned on having and I feel almost compelled to write code again to satisfy that gaming urge that I don't see anywhere.

I always had a knack for weaving stories on the fly and had been doing creative writing since my late Jr. High days. I was mostly into fantasy worlds and characters. A lot of the short stories that I did for creative writing up though my University days became some of the foundations for this game world. The original stories are still being safely kept by one of the Alumni as a collection of short story works several contributors did as part of a lunchtime story telling club like event that we had been doing since high school.  

This game project came into being while I was working my way through the University as a laboratory assistant at one of the local medical centers. The emergency triage team introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons during the evening lunch break that staff, from around the hospital, would play during the swing shift when not much else was happening. I was really intrigued and soon got into another D & D gathering on my days off.  I was thinking that I could put my writing skills to use and create a module to sell to the makers of D & D to help fund my college and living expenses. I looked at the rules, the background story, the characters and so on, and I found it too restrictive for what I really wanted to do. So I threw that whole idea out and created something totally different from scratch. I passed it on to my friends as a D & D like game and not only did they like it, they got somewhat addicted to playing it and although we now live all over the country they fondly remember the game to this day.

At the time I began writing content for this game, I shared a house with a couple of other people, one of them a long time friend from high school who was an electronic engineer major who liked to collect surplus computer hardware and earned his way through college fixing and programming arcade machines. I was thinking that if I did end up publishing a game like this, it would be nice to have some extra computer utilities that the Game Master could use and maybe I can sell that as an option. Since I was a computer telecommunications minor, I began using some of the hardware around the place, making some graphics of some of the scenes in the game world. A weather generator, a random mob generator, a map generator. Then later a character generator that also generated the character's family, friends, historic background and a NPC character generator. I was moving towards having something like the old Bard's Tale game but technology and real life changes, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Next Time - The Early Alpha Tests - What I Learned

Well that wraps it up for this edition of the guild news. See you all in game.

And Remember








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