A. How to Join

We are always interested in anyone wishing to join our guild. However we are most interested in filling our ranks with those who are willing to grow with us and contribute to the overall development and progression of the guild rather than being a drain on its resources and members.

We do not restrict our recruiting by race, class, profession, talents, level, or age group. However we do expect everyone to conduct themselves in an adult manner.

Please review our Guild Charter and its policies below before you consider joining our Guild Community..

If you are interested in joining our World of Warcraft guild, You may submit a fully completed application by clicking the link just under Join the Burial Detail and your application will be submitted to us in private. Please be patient as we have quite busy real life schedules and it may take us several days to review your application and you will be notified if we require additional information. If you have any questions about recruitment or anything not covered in the Guild Charter and Policies below please 
contact Staff Officers Miroki, Hanzoneraz, Interval, Sumiko, Winterskye, Dukinfruid, or Heretic.
If you would like your application expedited, feel free to contact one of our officers listed in-game.
We are currently recruiting additional pvp'ers on the Alterac Mountain realm for the Warlords of Draenor Expansion. Also accepting Casual, and Social gamers. Anyone currently interested in joining our raid team will need to contact on of our Raid Officers directly before submitting an application.
For those interested in joining us in Star Wars: The Old Republic, contact our acting Recruitment Officers Benmont, Darkwarrior, or Miroki on The Harbinger Shard. They are typically online in the late afternoon Pacific Time. You may also contact Staff Officers Aerin, Mirra, or Chakote.

B. Our Officers

Visna - Guild Operations Senior Officer
Miroki - Guild Operations Senior Officer
Darkdr - Guild Operations Officer
Sumiko - Guild Operations Officer
Winterskye - Guild Staff Officer
Valentina - Guild Assistant Staff Officer
Interval - Guild PvP Staff Officer
Hereticsaim - Guild PvP Assistant Staff Officer
Dukinfruid - Guild PvP Assistant Staff Officer

C. Guild Charter Rules and Policies

Multiple Characters

We like to experience all areas of the game together with all the various character classes, races, talent specs, professions, and all kinds of individual character playing styles.

We also like to level and develop our characters at our own pace whether we do so every day or just an hour each month.

Therefore guild members may have any number of characters belonging to this guild as they wish.

If or when you do bring more of your characters into this guild, please be sure to claim your Alts on on this web site's Guild Roster and also inform one of the Field Officers either in-game or preferably on the web site so we can properly associate all your characters that are in this guild with each other. This is to insure that you do not miss out on any attendance awards that may be due you.

Login Requirements

Participate as a guild member at least once a month. Participation includes, but is not limited to, logging into WoW, signing up for and or attending guild sponsored events and accessing the guild web site on a regular basis.

We all know that real life happens. Although you would rather be dealing with a mob in an instance you may have to deal with the mob at the checkout lane. Although you would rather be dealing with grinding an instance for mats and loot, you may be stuck with grinding tons of books for your midterm project. Although you would rather be questing in the distant lands of Azeroth, you may be on a quest to obtain funding to fill staffing shortages and replace outdated equipment.

Therefore if you have only one character within this guild you must log in and participate as a guild member at least once in a 30 day period or you may be demoted one rank. 

If you have more than one character within this guild and you have properly notified the Field Officers so that your multiple characters are associated with each other, then you will need to login at least one of your guild characters and participate as a guild member at least once in a 30 day period or your highest ranking character may be demoted one rank.

If you have a character that is a Team Member or Team Lead then that character must login and participate with Their Team at least once every 15 days or loose their Team membership. Team Leads may pre-designate a second in command from Their Team who can take their place when they are absent as long as the Guild Officers are notified in advance.

If you have a character that has met the requirements for promotion but have not logged that character in within the past 15 days, promotion will take place after that character has been logged in and active again. If you do not log in within 30 days of your promotion date, your promotion date will be reset and your character will not be eligible for promotion again until 20 days from the time you log that character in and it becomes active again.

As we said above, real life happens and always takes priority over game time. If you find yourself in a position that for some reason you are unable to meet the above login requirements, and you wish to retain your position within the guild, please let the Field Officers know as soon as possible in advance so we can note it in the officer notes and excuse your extended absence, and for those who are team leads, to arrange temporary substitutes.

Codes of Conduct

All of Blizzard World of Warcraft, ArenaNet Guild Wars 2, and Star Wars: The Old Republic rules, guidelines and policies apply and will be enforced. Violators of any codes of conduct or guild policies will be warned and or disciplined based on the severity of the violation. Those who continue to violate codes of conduct or guild policies may be stripped of rank or removed from the guild.

As representatives of Burial Detail, the Code of Conduct also applies when interacting with non-guild members as well as guild members.

Be always mindful of the examples you set because your actions and behaviors do reflect on the rest of our guild community as well.

Regardless of your age, we expect you to conduct yourselves as mature minded adults and to be an asset not only to Burial Detail, but to other players in the game.

Try to be respectful, considerate, and tolerant of everyone both in the guild and out and not be maliciously abusive or rude to other players.

No member is permitted to tell another how or when they have to play their characters, including gear, talent specs, etc.

However, members may offer advice and suggestions to other members if they are in need of help.


Do not spam any in-game chat channels or any guild forums.

Try to be civil, polite and respectful when possible and if necessary try to show restraint while directly communicating with others and try to avoid excessive or long strings of unnecessary profanity.

It's OK to joke around but absolutely no direct and purposeful malicious attacks on others by using pointed crude language, off-color or racial jokes, insults, player or guild bashing.

Remember there may be occasions where someone cannot reply immediately, do not take this personally. The player in question may be in an instance, AFK or otherwise busy.

Mumble is required for all raid attendance.

Our Mumble Server is Burial Detail, hostname is burialdetail.mumble.com, port is 8786

You can download the latest supported version of Mumble from Mumble.com

Guild Members will need to create a Mumble login and register themselves with the Burial Detail server by selecting themselves in Mumble and select Register from the context menu. Please use a recoginzable user name and let either Miroki, Sumiko, or Dark know who you are so they can add you to the proper user groups. If you do not, you will have very limited access to the Server Channels. Please see Miroki if you need help with Mumble setup or account creation.

Team Spirit

We are a team based guild and rely on each other and each other's overall contribution to the guild including the spirit that we bring into the guild. We expect our members to group, develop team skills and work with each other whenever possible. This is not a leveling guild and we are not a guild for people just interested in getting power leveled or twinked. These things do not build the characteristics that we expect from our members. Therefore we discourage members from asking higher level players for run throughs on any instance. A higher level player, may however, offer to give someone a run through or power level someone if they so wish. Members who continue to show that they are only interested in getting what they can for themselves out of the guild may be flagged for non-promotion and may be blacklisted from attending raid events.

 Good Sportsmanship

Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated and repeated offenses will result in removal from the guild.  This includes, but is not limited to: Ninja'ing, Nija logging, Ninja pulling, Mooching, Drop Hording, Drop Threats, Leaching, Begging, Whining, Complaining, Being Disrespectfull, and Stealing.


Guild members can not abandon their party or team when actively engaged in an instance, battle ground or raid. They must request being excused unless it is a personal emergency. Repeated offenses may result in demotion of rank, loss of Team membership, and blacklisting from raid events.     


Harassment of guild members will not be tolerated and repeated offenses will result in removal from the guild. This includes but is not limited to: Begging for Money, Begging for Items, Begging for Quest Help or Instance run through, In an attempt to get someone to leave the guild, In an attempt to get someone added to the guild, Disrupting raid leads, Disrupting loot distribution in raids, In an attempt to block members from rolling on loot, and Inappropriate behavior around Female members.

Trade and Resources

Guild Members are encouraged to give or trade items and services to other Guild Members rather than sell them.  Trades between members must either be Free, At Cost, or a minimum profit for rare items.
Any guild member found to have sold Guild Bank items, especially epic mats Guild Bank or BOE awarded in a raid will be removed from the guild.
Guild members are also considered valuble resources. Any guild member found to have used ANY guild resources which includes their guild characters or other member characters for the purpose of assisting the progression of another guild or the development of characters in another guild that are not part of Burial Detail's Official Team Partners, will be removed from the guild.
Any guild member found to be using Burial Detail for the purpose of recruiting, farming, or headhunting its members for another guild will be removed from the guild along with those members who join in with them. 

Raids, Raiding, Loot and Awards

Because we like to raid, we encourage everyone who is interested in raiding to sign up for raid events on the Guild Calendar or on our Guild Website Calendar. However, raiding is not manditory to remain a guild member.

Our members can provide enchants, gems, glyphs, and crafted items for you for free although you may have to provide some or all of the necessary materials.

We typically start forming for raid 15 minutes before raid start. Be considerate of your raid team mates. Be on time for raids and preferrably 15 minutes early if possible. If you may be late, please send a message to one of the officers or post a message in the guild forums. Avoid taking unessesary breaks during raid to prevent downtime. Breaktime is scheduled between Boss fights.

Pay attention to raid leader instructions. All raiders must have Mumble 1.2.16 or better and at the very least able to hear instructions and call outs in the raid. Being able to talk in raid is not a requirement except for tanks but is highly recommended for a multitude of reasons.

For ALL Raids considered to be a Guild Run, loot distribution will be handled by EPGP with Main Spec priority. It is not absolutely necessary to have an add on but it is highly recommended especially if a vote for loot distribution is called and then you will the need the add on to cast your vote. All loot drops will be announced in Raid Chat. Mantels will be looted first. First sets of mantels or set tier will go to tanks and healers and then everyone else until we all have at least a two set bonus. 


Hosted Non-Guild and Guild Runs are Burial Detail hosted Mixed Raid runs which may or may not contain enough guild members to be considered an actual Guild Run and where some of the complement of the raid group is made up of non guild members who are also non guild partners. In these cases the Burial Detail members and partner members of the raid group must decide before raid start which type of loot distribution they will use for the entire raid run. They can choose either Master Looter - Main Spec then Offspec then Greed, or Open Roles - Need or Greed or the Personal Loot  option or even Loot Council.

Guild Ranks and Promotions

The guild ranks and rank order varies a little between the games we currently play and support. Current team member ranks for all games are in this order: Toe Tagger, Body Bagger, Grave Digger, Commando, Ranger, and Elite Ranger. Ranks can be transferred to a declared main class once per new tier content and no more than three times in a year. Ranks are can not be shared between member characters. New member characters always join at the rank of Toe Tagger as a trial member for a 30 day period. Promotions from that point on are based on the member character's level, guild contibution, and time in. The character level required to advance beyond their current rank is based on the level cap of the game. For example to be promoted from a Toe Tagger to a Body Bagger in Wow requires your character to be at least level 21 whereas in SWTOR it's at least level 11. Promotion typically takes place in 30 day intervals as long as the character meets both the level requirement for that next rank and the login requirements as stated within the Login Requirements section of this charter. Those characters that are outstanding in their contribution to the growth and progression of the guild as a whole can be promoted as early as 20 days. Once a member's character reaches the rank of Commando, they can be invited to participate in the role of a Jr. Officer Staff Assistant and may from there be promoted to fill an Officer vacancy. Commando is the highest rank of our Social or Casual Raiders. Ranger is the highest rank of our Flex Team and Core support raiders. Elite Rangers are our highest non-officer member rank. The Elite Ranger represents the guild's best. These are our Core Members. To obtain and maintain this rank requires the member become a core team member and maintain a 75% monthly attendance during current content and or character complete at least one full guild run raid clear or two guild run rated battleground competitions every three months. A grace period is allowed between expansion packs to allow time for the player to level up and gear up to be able to complete the newer content. This grace period is typically no more than six months but may vary depending on the average progression of the guild membership. Those that have not participated in the required guild activites within the required span of time will be given a 30 day notice to comply or have their rank reduced back down to Ranger or Commando if they become a casual or social player. As soon as they are able to fullfill the requirements, their Elite status will be restored.


Separation from the Guild

You may choose to leave the guild at any time.

If you leave as a member you will be allowed a chance to return, provided that you have not received more from the guild than you put into it. We do not appriciate guild hoppers or loot whores. Those identified as such will be blacklisted from returning.

Those that decide to return within one week of separation may have their rank restored but not their title. Those that return after the one week grace period will start at the beginning rank. 

If you were removed from the guild for violating any part of this charter, you will be blacklisted and not be allowed to return.